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Attention: Inventors and New Product Promoters – patent discountIntegrity Intellectual Property invites you participate in a joint effort program aimed to quickly establish an early patent filing so both parties can begin negotiations in earnest without long delay. This shared cost program also includes deferral of 33% of expenses until after sales commence. Both parties enjoy an early patent filing to promote a secure environment in which to pursue the new relationship. Details follow.

Often, inventors with really exceptional ideas approach product promoters 'Naked'. That is, inventors are sometimes forced to present their idea to manufacturers prior to establishing appropriate patent protection. This is bad for both the inventor and the promotion company. Neither party is served well by proceeding to work together without a patent and both suffer various disadvantages from this arrangement. Even where an NDA is used, serious shortcomings and doubt sometimes poison the working environment.
However, procuring a patent is prohibitively expensive and often takes a considerable amount of time. This tends to interrupt the working relationship in the worst possible way at a vulnerable time – its inception.
Even where a provisional patent is attempted, both inventor and manufacture are left with substandard protection and sometimes questionable position and the continuing burden of doing the patent correctly later.
At Integrity IP, we offer an excellent solution to this problem in a three-party collaborative agreement. We propose an alignment between inventors and product promoters whereby patent fees are reduced, shared, and deferred to facilitate an earliest possible filing date for a full, non-provisional patent application from which a solid working relationship may be built.
Here is how our early patent filing collaborative program works:
1) After a new product promoter company identifies a product of interest having commercial potential, a product submitted by an independent inventor, the company agrees to pay an initial $2,000 patent services retainer to Integrity IP.
2) Immediately upon receipt of a retainer, Integrity IP and the inventor will have a disclosure conference to detail the scope and extent of the invention. Integrity IP will take up to 3 weeks to develop a full, non-provisional utility patent application of broadest possible scope.
3) After an application is finalized and concurrent with filing, the inventor is required to pay $2,000 for legal services rendered. At the same time, the manufacturer will be required to pay the USPOT official fees presently about $585 in most cases.
4) Integrity Intellectual Property will hold in abeyance and at risk – the remaining fees ($2,000) for an indefinite period. This period will expire once sales commence. If the product fails prior to commercial launch, these fees held in abeyance are forgiven and paid by Integrity IP; the inventor and product promoter are not responsible. However, if the product is accompanied by a successful development, then the final fees are split between inventor and promoter 50/50 or as otherwise agreed between them.
Additional Bonus
Whichever party, either the inventor(s) or the promotion company, who initiates this agreement with the other will be entitled a $300 discount from their share of fees.
To engage in this program, please download and review our fee agreement. If you would like to proceed, get your partner to agree and call us to schedule a disclosure conference.

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Sometimes the essence of an invention only comes out during the course of writing a patent application.  As the application is prepared, we often ask 'what if this element were [alternate]…?' which leads to alternate versions and even altogether new inventions.  It is not necessary to wait until an idea is firmly defined and rigorously developed prior to initiating a patent application – indeed, it is often better to being the patent application early.  In this way, the patent practitioner and engineering staff working together can produce excellent results both engineering and intellectual property. Patent Agent Initiating an Application
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